You’ve purchased a bread maker and now you’re ready to begin the metamorphosis.  Bread makers are equipped microcontrollers that regulate the temperature and motor in order to bake bread.  You want to make the bread maker keep a consistent heat with constant rotation of the motor.

You should be able to remove the microcontroller unit with no use of force.  In other words, put the hammer down.  There may be a screw or two holding it in place.  The control unit simply snapped into place on two of the bread makers I disassembled.

Remove the lid to the bread canister. You can leave the lid assembled off to the side for the time being. Eventually you can decide if you want to put it back on as is or remove the glass and plastic.

Remove the cabinet.  Be sure to save any fasteners you remove.  You will need those to reassemble later.

2015-12-30 19.34.50

This is the most important step of the disassembly. Take pictures of the wiring with the cabinet removed. Pay close attention to the path of the wires running from the power cord to the motor. Each bread maker has a unique motor/starter capacitor configuration. Re-wiring is much more efficient if you can refer to the original wiring later.

Now that you’ve documented the wiring you are free to remove any portions of the wiring harness you will not use.  Save any wires you remove.  Some of the wires will have a braided jacket.  You will reuse them to reconnect the heating element.

You will be left with the chassis, motor, starter capacitor, heating element and housing for the bread pan.

2015-12-21 11.17.00

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