A couple of years ago I decided to start roasting my own coffee.  I didn’t want to throw a lot of money at it since I wasn’t sure it would be worth doing long term.  After some research and a few trips to the thrift store I decided to make a roaster out of a bread maker.  With numerous failed experiments I had a working prototype that cost < $40.  When I started I didn’t know if the first roaster would even work so I didn’t bother documenting the build.

Two months ago I caught my coffee roaster on fire.  I will not go back to drinking old, stale coffee so I went about building a second roaster.

2015-12-28 15.27.40
Coffee Roaster v. 2.0

You’ll notice the design for both Coffee Roaster v. 1.0 and Coffee Roaster 2.0 do not require a heat gun.  Most other bread maker to coffee roaster conversions will use a heat gun as the heat source.

Out of respect I’v included a a few pictures of the now deceased Coffee Roaster v. 1.0.  Version 1.0 had a temperature gauge and a timer, but neither turned out to be very useful.



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